Travel Map

Our upcoming trip to Disneyland has me dreaming of vacation!  I love traveling and the best part is being able to share it with the kids.  Since my kids are young, I wanted a way to show them how far we have traveled and all of the places we have been.  That way maybe when I show them how far away California is they won’t ask me a hundred times “Are we there yet?!”  Oh, that doesn’t work?  Worth a try.  I found this map at Target and it helped me get the ball rolling.  Other supplies I picked up included: 2 cork boards, Craftbond adhesive spray, wood trim, and push pins.

I took the 2 cork boards and set them next to each other so that the map would fit completely on top of them.  It’s ok if the map is smaller and there is a lot of extra cork board showing.  This allows you to adhere the wood trim onto it later.

I grabbed my handy dandy duct tape and taped the cork boards together on the backside.  Using my adhesive spray, I started at one end and pressed the map onto the cork board.  Follow the directions for whatever adhesive you use to get the best results.  As I went along, I pressed out any air bubbles and added more spray.  Once it was all adhered, I put some books on top and let it set.

Next I needed to frame the map.  I measured and cut the wood so it was just overlapping the outer edge of the map.  I stained the wood with good ole Minwax Red Mahogany.

I applied Liquid Nails to the back of the trim and put the trim in place.  I also secured the corners by adding staples to the back side.

Now to hang the sucker!  Since I used cork boards rather than a wood backing, it’s surprisingly light!  I picked up some D rings at our local hardware store and attached them to the back of the trim.  I did have to notch out some of the cork board to get one side to fit.

Once they were attached, it was ready to hang on the wall and start documenting our travels.

These pushpins I found match the coloring of the map….Target for the win!

Deciding how we wanted to document our travels was the hardest part.  I had 4 different colors of push pins and knew I wanted to coordinate our trips.  I divided our trips into 4 categories; family trips, couple trips, my trips and Chris’s trips.  Chris and I had fun labeling all our travels and sharing our stories with our kids!  It’s a great way to reminisce about all those fun times and dream about our future trips!  Now off to plan our next adventure….Disney, here we come!

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