$30 Thrift Store Table Makeover

Since I’m a middle child and the second daughter, I was accustomed to hand-me-downs. I didn’t have my own identity until at least 15. I spent way too many holidays twinning with my sister! That’s probably where I get my love of repurposing. I love to see something transform from ugly and beat up to beautiful and functional. Getting that item free or cheap makes me even happier! If I can do all that and support a program like Habitat for Humanity, I am all in! If you haven’t been to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, then you should try it sometime. Just go to their website habitat.org to find one near you.

Whenever I’m looking for a project, I check at our local ReStore. I have found a lot of great pieces that just needed some TLC to make them beautiful and useful for our house.

One of my finds that I recently fixed up was a round pedestal table. Apparently, I didn’t take a good before picture. So bummed. I’m getting better at documenting things, but this was pre- better at documenting things.

I picked this table up for less than $30. There was nothing wrong with it other than it had looked like somebody had started sanding it. They didn’t make it very far though. Picture just a plain dark stained table with patches of unfinished wood that had been sanded down.  Here’s a picture of just the top after I had started sanding in the middle.
For less than $30, I took over and finished the sanding. All I did was re-stain and polyurethane the top. Then I painted the pedestal with a darker shade of our wall color called Seafoam Storm by Valspar. I distressed it a little to give it a lived-in look.

It’s like new again! I wish I would have gone a little darker with the paint. Even though it was a darker shade of the wall, it looks like it’s the same color. Maybe one day I’ll repaint, but I’m calling it good at this point.

It’s a perfect place to play games or for the kids to color when we are hanging out in the basement. I hope to one day build a kids table for their playroom. This $30 thrift store table works great in the meantime! I have big plans for this basement! They’re all still just stuck in my head at this point….but one day! Sometimes I feel like I’m never going to get to a finished state, but I’ve learned that sometimes you just need to take that next step. And really…are you ever “done” when it comes to a home?
I’ve been on the hunt for a dresser to makeover for a long time now and just haven’t found the right one yet. But the ReStore hasn’t let me down yet. I’ve got a few other ReStore makeovers up my sleeve, so I will start documenting those. What’s your best thrift store/ReStore find?

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