5K Fun

Hey guys! It’s time to check on our New Year’s resolutions!  Just kidding, we don’t partake in that. Well, truly it’s our commitment issues that keep us from succeeding or maybe it’s that we get sidetracked too easily. We both have the mindset of why wait until the new year to start a healthy habit. Setting mini goals throughout the year seems to be what works for us.

Running has been a fun (by fun we mean not) activity that we recently started torturing ourselves with. It helps us to stay motivated by signing up for 5Ks. We’re not just talking any 5Ks! FUN RUNS, people! We’re talking bubble bogs, colored powder being pelted at our faces, 150% humidity days…oh wait, that wasn’t fun. The excitement of being part of a fun activity and not having any competitive pressure helps us really enjoy running. With that being said, we can’t just show up for these races and look a fool! We do put in some effort beforehand. This is where we are different. Megan likes to prepare all year round, while Jenny procrastinates and waits until 3 weeks before to do any prep. And thus, has injuries. Bad idea! Don’t be like Jenny.

The Bubble Run!

The Bubble Run was amazing!  Check out this wall of bubbles to start us off!

Throughout the race, there are trenches of bubbles to run through.

Although you can avoid them, if you don’t like that sort of thing. It is all non-toxic, but you will be soaking wet when you finish. So bring a change of clothes and shoes.

The Color Run!

The Color Runs we have participated in have non-toxic colored powder that is tossed at the runners at certain points during the race. Public Service Announcement: Keep your mouth and eyes closed through these areas! Also, you will have rainbow snot for days!

After crossing the finish line , they pass out more color packets. You can head over to the “After Party” where they have a DJ, massive color throws and pass out free Color Run gear.

When you are ready to head home, luckily, the powder brushes off easily and does not make a huge mess of your clothes or car. At our first Color Run, they had a station located at the exit where they blew off the color for you with leaf blowers! It was a great idea!

Maddy was able to participate in a color run for the first time this year.  She almost ran the entire way with us!  She did so great!

Hottest Day of the Year 5K!

The local 5K, on the other hand, was HORRIBLE! Not the bubbles and rainbows we were used to. We thought we had graduated to real 5Ks, but we couldn’t handle it. For starters, in the Midwest there is a thing called humidity and it is killer! It’s presence was undeniable that day. Even at 6:30am, it made itself known. Just check out our before and after shots.  How are we still smiling?

During the fun runs, you can usually find us checking out the beautiful scenery or jamming to some music. Not this time! The only words we could muster without puking was “SLOW DOWN!” and “How much longer?!”

The great thing about fun runs is that not everyone that signs up is a runner. There are walkers, dancers, kids in strollers, and people that just like to have fun all coming together to have a good time! We are always looking for fun races. Do any of you have any races that you have enjoyed without pressure to compete?

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