Baseball Birthday Party

Where did the last 5 years go? I try not to think about my little boy turning 5 too much; otherwise, I would end up in tears. Denial and blocking things out are my coping mechanisms.

We celebrated Weston’s birthday party recently. Since the kids are young, we usually just have a family party at our house on a Sunday afternoon. I like to have snacks and of course birthday cake and ice cream. This year I did a baseball birthday cake for my 5 year old. He played t-ball last year for the first time and ended up enjoying it. This was after a rough start to the season and spending the first practice on the sidelines crying.  My husband, Chris, earned an assistant coach position for the remainder of the season. Let’s just say we were super proud of him when he ended up being able to play a game in front of a bunch of people without crying.

He is excited to play again this year, so I thought what better way to keep him excited and encourage him to play than have a baseball birthday cake!

Weston was so excited to eat cake and ice cream that I didn’t even get a picture of him eating his cake. He was done before everyone else was even served! He’s got his momma’s sweet tooth!

However, I did get to watch little Bryn enjoy her cake. She’s boycotted her high chair and wants to sit (aka stand) at the table with the rest of us, but you just never know what’s going to end up on the floor, chair, or her clothes. She was not going to waste that cake though! If she had to use both hands to get every last crumb in her mouth, then she was more than willing to get dirty!

Weston didn’t really ask for anything for his birthday. When anyone would ask him, he would tell them things he already had or nothing at all; eventually he started saying that he had already made a list, but would not tell them what was on the list. There was no list. Lying begins so young.

He ended up getting a lot of games, which he has really started getting into. Playing the game Trouble has become a nightly ritual at our house. We got him his first Mega Bloks set. It was a John Deere set too! Of course he wanted to put that together first. So Megan and I with some help from Rylan, spent the rest of the afternoon putting the set together. To my surprise, Weston was a trooper and sat most of the time waiting and trying to help put it together. Must be that extra birthday that gave him all that patience.

Once we were finished, we iced our fingers and got a few rounds of Operation and Let’s Go Fishin’ in before everyone headed home.

Weston had a good day and it’s always great to spend time with family.  I love watching the kids learn new things and grow, but each year time seems to go faster and faster. I just want to bottle up these moments. Does anyone have a DIY for that??

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