Bathroom Floor Remodel

We are currently in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Gross, I know. But you know what is even more gross?  The bathroom before the remodel! Judge for yourself.

When we first toured the house, I saw the yellow tiles and thought that they weren’t that bad. “I can totally work with those!”…..then I realized that they weren’t original. Or even actual tile. They were plastic. Sad day.

Another tear jerker came when we started pulling up the peel and stick tile that the prior owner had laid on the floor. When those tiles were out, I was so happy! However, the excitement was short-lived. I didn’t realize that by pulling these up, I was basically creating a glue covered floor.

Bad habit confession: I get an idea in my head and I am ON IT! No waiting; no thinking it through. Sometimes I ROCK IT! Sometimes I don’t. Imagine my kids trying to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and getting stuck to the floor with their footie pajamas. No kidding. It happened. Luckily my mom had a great idea to give us temporary relief. She took the brown packing paper from our moving boxes and laid it as our new floor. The paper floor worked great, even if it was hideous!

Everything in the room was gutted!  Taking down plaster walls is a bit of a mess.  The dust goes EVERYWHERE!  Plastic was hung to attempt to minimize the dust seeping into the rest of the house.  Not sure if it actually helped, but it makes me feel better knowing we tried.

The toilet was moved to the opposite wall. This provided a straight shot to the bath/shower and would make the space look bigger.  We hired out for this step.  I was not about to add plumbing to my resume.  I know to quit when I am ahead!  We also hired out to have the new drywall, window and lighting installed.  Best decision ever!

I love natural light and didn’t want a frosted glass on the new window.  So the best option for privacy was to raise the new window high enough that we didn’t need to worry about a window covering.

Shopping around for the new floor was difficult. I really wanted to find something that looked like it would go with a historic home.  In other words, nothing too modern or loud.  I picked out a clean, white hexagonal tile and decided to go with a gray grout.

The tile sheets are easy to work with if you ask me.  If you ask my husband, he will likely tell you the opposite.  Cutting the trim pieces was left up to him.  Sorry Marion!

Once we got the tile laid and the trim pieces cut, it was time to fill in with the grout.  I looked forward to this the most.  One: because it meant we were getting closer to having a finished floor that wasn’t covered in glue.  And Two: I wanted to see if I made a big mistake picking out a gray grout.  I was worried it would just make the floor look dirty.

What do you think guys?  I am extremely happy with it!  The classic white tiles keep the bathroom looking clean and bright and they go well with the era of the house.  Old homes are so beautiful and hopefully this remodel can live up to the historic feel of our home.  Next, I will be turning a beautiful antique dresser into our vanity.  Wish me luck!


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