Chocolate Truffle and Cupcake Kiss Cookies

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I needed to make a sweet treat to celebrate!  It was also because I was really craving something other than the old Christmas candy I was slowly picking away at.  Okay, fine.  It was my kids old Christmas candy.  Let’s be real.

A few years ago, I was at work when someone brought in a bag of Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses. Clearly, Pumpkin Spice isn’t reminiscent of Valentine’s…but follow me for a moment.  I tried one and they were amazing!  When I got home, I began looking up recipes to use them.  Soon I found a delicious chocolate cookie recipe online and fell in love!

Look at how cute they are!

The best thing is, you can substitute different flavors of Hershey kisses!  How easy is that?!  At Christmas, I made them with the holiday mint truffle kisses.  I love anything with mint chocolate, so this cookie was unbelievably delicious!

As I was at Target this week, I noticed they had the Hershey kisses for Valentines Day.  I bought both the Cupcake and Chocolate Truffle flavors and gave these cookies a whirl!

The recipe I used is from Barbara Bakes.  It is so easy to follow and the cookies always turn out amazing!  Click here for the full recipe and directions from Barbara Bakes blog.

I mean seriously, check out the cuteness of the cupcake kiss!  The colors make it the perfect Valentine’s Day treat!

The chocolate truffle kiss is a chocolate lovers dream!

The hardest part was choosing which one I was going to try.  Totally kidding!  I tried both….multiple times.

I would recommend trying these!  They are easy to make and my kids love that there is a surprise kiss in the middle.  Good luck eating just one!

Chocolate Truffle and Cupcake Kiss Cookies

What’s your favorite Hershey kiss flavor?

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