DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

This past year has been so full of projects, gardening, home improvements (Sorry, no Tim Allen), and all around family fun. It’s funny how mirrored our lives tend to be. We both have work-in-progress homes and we like to DIY as much as possible. We’ve tried our hands at restoring furniture, tiling bathroom floors, installing patio pavers, landscaping, canning, and planning birthday parties for our kids!

Jenny and her husband built their family home in 2011 and have been trying to breathe character into their home ever since.

While Megan’s 1800s home is chalked full of character, it needs major updates.

One of the most recent DIY’s, Jenny made a magnetic bottle opener that is wall mountable. Here is how she did it!

Every year our family draws names for Christmas and I drew our little brother Chris. He is a huge Notre Dame fan. So I wood burned a ND on the front. Everyone thought it was store bought and when they realized I had made it, they were extremely impressed!  My husband was super jealous and liked it so much, we made a Purdue one for him!

Using a 1×6 scrap piece of wood, I (meaning my husband) first cut it to the desired size. Then stained it using Minwax Red Mahogany.

I picked up a heavy duty round magnet that holds up to 95 lbs! Seriously, that’s the size of my 2 kids put together!  I laid it on the back of the wood and traced where I wanted to place it.  Keep in mind, this magnet is where all the bottle caps will land, so you want it on the bottom half.

I had my husband Dremel a hole in the back so that the magnet would fit snuggly and sit flush against the backside of the wood.  First he drilled out the space using the largest drill bit he had.  This makes less work for the Dremel.  Make sure that you’re only drilling for the depth of the magnet.  Do not drill all the way through the board.

I added a little wood glue to make sure the magnet holds.

I then fired up my wood burning tool kit that I received as a Christmas gift last year! I haven’t used it until now…don’t judge me.  I found a template online for the design I wanted and firmly traced around the “P” with a pen to imprint the design onto the wood.

Now that my wood burner is raging hot, I can burn the design into the wood. The Universal Point and the Tapered Point work the best for this project.

Once the design was burned, I used polyurethane to protect it from spewing foamy beverages of your choice. Two coats are preferred. I purchased a wall mountable bottle opener that I then attached about an inch from the top on the front side.

DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

And voila!  This project is quick, easy and inexpensive to do.  Besides purchasing the bottle opener and magnet, the rest of the tools we had on hand.  You don’t even need a fancy workshop.  I made this on top of my basement freezer.  Just keeping it classy!

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2 thoughts on “DIY Magnetic Bottle Opener

  1. Love this idea! These would be great as Christmas presents for my family. I have been looking for a magnet this size and strength. Could you please tell me where you found one that size?

    1. Thanks! We’re going to have to start thinking about Christmas before long. My husband and brother love them! I found this magnet at Big R near the tool section. Looks like Home Depot has them; at least, online they do.

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