DIY Slip ‘n Slide

Since summer is on it’s way (yea!), I have a fun, outdoor activity to help your family beat the heat this year!  Last summer, my husband and I built a homemade Slip ‘n Slide.  Since our property has a lot of good hills due to our walk-out basement, we had just the right spot for it.

Chris went out and bought 3 rolls of clear plastic sheeting, landscaping stakes, and baby shampoo.  We used Visqueen clear plastic sheeting that was roughly 10’x50’. Important Side Note: The shampoo is key!  It dramatically increases the speed of which you fly across the plastic!  Seriously people, don’t skimp on the shampoo!

Chris folded the plastic in half, lengthwise, to make it approximately 5’ across.  Once we decided where we wanted the slide to start, we folded under the top couple inches (to make the plastic thicker and prevent it from tearing easily) and then drove the yard stakes into the folded plastic.  Once the first sheet was laid, we adjoined the second sheet to it by overlapping and driving the stakes into it.

We made sure to keep the stakes along the outer edge of the plastic only.  This way they were out of the path of the people who were sliding.  Chris used the garden hose to wet the entire length of the plastic and placed a hose at the top and another about halfway down so there was a constant flow of water.  Let the games begin!

There is no right way to apply the shampoo.  Some of us applied it to the plastic while others put it directly on themselves.

This provided hours of fun for not only the kids, but the adults as well.  Just be aware, the grass will be dead where the plastic sheeting was.  For us, totally worth it!  It’s only grass, right?!  It grows back.

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