DIY Wooden Coaster

I have to give credit to my brother-in-law, Megan’s husband Marion, for this idea. They were in the midst of a bathroom reno and he had ordered some samples of wood. He didn’t want to waste the wood, so he cut them into little 4×4 squares and sanded all the edges. After putting some little rubber doodads (cabinet door bumper pads – if you want to be all technical) on the bottom to keep it from scratching, he declared it a coaster. He had a cardboard coaster from a favorite restaurant in Washington State that was getting a little beat up, so he glued the cardboard coaster to the top of his wood coaster. It was a great idea to save something that has special memories attached to it. 

My husband needed a coaster in his office due to his caffeine addiction, so I decided to pretty up another coaster with a burned in image. I was deciding between another “P” for his alma mater, Purdue, or a horseshoe for the Colts. I let him make the call…this time. Of course he knows if it’s not the “right call” then I will convince him to go with my decision. Joking…sort of.  He decided on the horseshoe since I had already made him some Purdue decor for his office and just recently the Purdue Magnetic Bottle Opener.

I printed an image I liked. I taped the image to the top of the wood, so that it would stay in one place. Using my Incredible Hulk strength, I traced around the image with a pen to imprint the image onto the wood. This particular piece is hard Oak, so I did have to go over it a few times.

Once I was able to see the imprint, I fired up my wood burner and got to work. I used the same tip for the whole image. I first took the tip of the tip (I hope that makes sense) and lightly went over the whole outline. Then I came back and pressed the entire tip down to get the burned in look. For the circles, I again used the tip of the tip and slowly made the circle bigger until I was happy with the size. After about 15 minutes…Voila!

A couple coats of polyurethane later and this project is finished! Besides letting the polyurethane dry, quickest DIY ever! Put those kids down for a nap and make a coaster! You’ll even have time for a power nap yourself.


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