Fairy Garden Love

I love all these cute little fairy gardens that I’ve been seeing! Our flower gardens could use some little fairies, so I thought it’d be a fun activity for the kids and I to do one day. To be totally honest, my kids did not grasp the whole concept. Apparently this was before our research for our Disney trip started, so they hadn’t watched enough Disney movies with fairies in them to know what they were.

Yes, we started watching all the classic Disney movies months before we went to Disneyland and I called it “research.” I highly recommend it for getting young kids excited for Disney when they aren’t quite sure what “going to Disneyland” really means! 

Back to fairy gardens… I wanted our fairy garden to blend in with it’s surroundings and try to just use what we had around the house. We spent some time walking our yard looking for little sticks and rocks. I had previously bought a few plants and found an old metal drawer that would house the fairy garden. The metal drawer already had holes in the bottom, so I didn’t have to create drainage holes for watering. But keep this in mind in case yours doesn’t.The fairies needed some sort of house to live in when they came to visit, so I decided on a teepee. We found 3 similarly sized sticks.  Then I grabbed some yarn I would have been using for crocheting a scarf or blanket. However, I have failed so many times at crocheting that I have given up. I wrapped 3 different colors of yard around the sticks to make a teepee. It was some trial and error to get it to hold it’s shape, but I got it.My sweet boy, Weston, was feeling very generous by borrowing a tractor tire from one of his broken down toy tractors to use as a tire swing for the fairies. I think this is my favorite part!My kids have been into collecting rocks. Although what kid doesn’t go through that faze? Bryn’s teacher gave me a baggie full of pebbles from the playground that my daughter had “collected” in her pockets during recess.  Yea, more rocks. Thanks.

So we had fun painting rocks one day. We added a little stone walkway and a fire pit so the fairies can roast marshmallows for smores! So adorable. I can’t wait to be able to add to it over time! Maybe some more painted rocks, a cute little stick fence, a swimming pool, a hammock….I may just move in.

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  1. Its a beautiful fairy garden, i am i love with fairy houses, gardens and fairy stories. Colorful marbles have the eye catching sight, and the tiny tire, looking so amazing.

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