Fire Pit Ideas

As I mourn the loss of summer, I remind myself that fall is not all that bad. It only means that winter is right around the corner, but I will try to live in the moment and enjoy the season of fall. That means: Get out your cozy fleece blankets, stock the pantry with s’mores ingredients, and get ready for bonfire season! In our case, it means finish our fire pit pronto! 

My husband and I have been talking about decking out our fire pit (a.k.a. our hole in the ground) for awhile now. As always when I say my husband and I, I mean I dream up ideas and talk about them while he watches tv.  His ears perked up when he heard me mention the word fire. #pyro  Now he’s on board with making all my fire pit dreams come true! With in reason of course. 

As usual, I want to DIY as much as I can. Therefore, I spent many hours scouring Pinterest for inspiration for our fire pit. So I thought I’d share some fire pits that I’ve been loving! 

The setting of this fire pit reminded me of our yard with the field and woods in the background. Very countryish! I like the simplicity. 

White Loft Studio/Style Me Pretty

I love the look of the stacked stone fire pit. Also, the landscaping around the fire pit area helps it blend right into the backyard. 


Again, the stacked stone helps this fire pit to blend into the scenery. When I first saw this picture I didn’t even notice the areas to stack firewood underneath the benches. So smart!

House Beautiful

So pretty! The flagstone around the edge is a nice touch.


This is so beautiful! I love the sunken fire pit with all the big boulders! This looks like it should be in the Pacific Northwest or something. With our sloped yard, a boulder wall would look so awesome! 

Legacy Landscapes

Another one with big boulders as a retaining wall of sorts. I’m really liking the big rocks as the fire pit ring too! 

Newport Ave Landscaping & Irrigation

I love the organic stacked stone wall! Definitely want our stacked stone wall to look natural like this one. Such a cool built in fire pit too! That may not be a beginner’s project though. 

Better Homes and Gardens

And here is a little progress update on our fire pit that we’ve been working on ALL. SUMMER. We went from digging the hole, laying the paver border, digging the area for the seating wall, and currently finishing piecing together the seating wall.  Seriously, it’s like putting a puzzle together. We have rocks laying everywhere trying to figure out which one fits the best and looks the best. It’s a process, but it’ll look nice when it’s completed.  Our lonely old fire ring waiting for a home again. We did just get our gravel that will go inside the paver border delivered. I love the beachy vibe it’s got going on with the whites and corals.
I hope you all have your s’mores out and are ready for bonfire season! Keep your fingers crossed that we get ours done before the snow comes. Anyone else trying to finish up their summer projects before winter comes?

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