How To Have More Fun This Spring

Here in the midwest our winters can be unbearable at times. You can only stand to see so much snow and ice in one season!  The first sign of spring gets us motivated to get out of the house to enjoy the great outdoors again! While also tackling those to-do lists that have been waiting for warmer weather.

To-do lists don’t always have to be those dreaded tasks that can suck the fun out of your weekends. Those lists typically leave your kids feeling left out and bored. We want to bring the fun back into your to-do list!

The idea behind a to-do list is writing down things you want to accomplish within a certain time frame. Spring can have such a small window sometimes. It can seem like we jump straight from winter to summer. We want to make sure that we are living life intentionally and enjoying every moment. A Spring To-Do List is just what we need to help us enjoy spring to the fullest!

We put together a few of our family’s favorite spring activities. And a few that we are excited to try this year. Who has a fairy garden? Aren’t they the cutest?! Hopefully, our kids can outfit the garden with one this year. And if they don’t get around to it, we will!

A lot of these get us outdoors enjoying the warmer weather and longer days. We’ve added all these fun spring ideas into one free printable just for you!  Download the Free Spring To-Do List printable here!


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