How to Paint Scallops on a Wall

My poor kids’s bedrooms have been so neglected design-wise. Who am I kidding? The whole house has been neglected. I get so paralyzed with indecisiveness that years go by without touching anything. I always think that I’m going to think of something better so I just don’t do anything. Anyone else with this problem? Read about how I overcome my design paralysis here.

Well something got into me and I painted my daughter’s bedroom walls…then the closet…then I actually decided to paint some gold scallops on her wall! Watch out people! I’m on a roll!

I’ve never been a real frilly girly-girl, but scallops just seemed like a really cute accent for her room. I had originally thought about doing gold polka dots on one wall. I’m glad I landed on the gold scallops idea because it turned out cute!

Now, I knew painting the scallops around the top part of her walls was going to take some time and a steady hand. I prepared myself for that. I like to paint, so that didn’t bother me. However, the hardest part was finding the right shade of gold. I actually decided to repaint the scallops with a different shade of gold after not liking the first one. This is where I enter my motivational speech of how to go with your first instinct. Follow your gut. Listen to that little voice in your head. But if you make a mistake, own up to it and try to fix it. With that being said, I made a mistake, wall. I’m sorry and now I’m going to fix it by repainting with a shade of gold that works better for this space. It’s not you, it’s me.

Lesson learned. It’s only paint.

Creating scallops is actually pretty easy. I grabbed a roll of packing tape that was the size I wanted my scallops to be. After testing a few different round objects from lids to plates, I ended up liking the size of the roll of tape because I liked the look of a smaller scallop. I used Washi tape to mark where I would tracing for the scallops and also marked where the top of the roll met the ceiling. So I had three pieces of tape on my roll of tape. Very technical, I know. One at 12 o’clock, one at approximately 4 o’clock and another at approximately 8 o’clock. I just used a pencil to trace the scallops along the ceiling all the way around the room.

Once I finished tracing my scallops, I grabbed an angled paint brush. I’ve used both the Blue Hawk and the Merit Pro brand. Angled brushes help you trim around the ceiling and worked perfectly for the scallops too. Here’s where I painted all the scallops with the Target’s Devine Karat Metallic Paint by ValsparLove Target and loved this paint. I even bought the Devine Color Gold Dust by Valspar to add to the paint to give it that extra sparkle! It really was pretty! However, it just wasn’t the shade of gold for this room. I thought maybe it would match better than I thought once I got it all painted, but it just wasn’t working. Wishful thinking.

Look how magical the paint looks! It felt like I was adding  pixie dust to the paint! A little pot of gold. Oh well, I’m determined to find a use for this paint somewhere. It was just too orange for this room. 

Luckily, my sister found a more champagne-y shade of gold at Lowe’s called Metallic Champagne by Rust-Oleum. It was a much better fit! I repainted all the scallops which felt like it went so much faster than it did the first time. Of course, only doing one coat and not having to worry about the paint covering perfectly helped it go faster. I wasn’t worried about the other gold showing through and almost was hoping it would show through a little to add dimension to the scallops.

What a difference! I’m so happy with the new champagne gold color. It almost looks silver, which goes with the lilac walls and cooler toned curtains.

Painting scallops. Not as hard as it may look. And such a cute detail!

Anyone else try to make a color work, when deep down you just knew it wouldn’t? My advice: Remember it’s just paint. Sometimes you just have to start over and repaint. You’ll be happy you did.

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