How to Turn a Dresser into a Bathroom Vanity

This is probably my favorite DIY/Makeover that my husband and I have ever taken on for two reasons.  1. The project was only started when my original plan was foiled.  2. The end result is such a huge statement piece in our bathroom and totally transformed our bathroom.

Let me give a little backstory on how this dresser to vanity makeover even happened.  When I originally began looking for the new vanity piece, I found custom cabinetry that I really liked! It was maple cabinetry with a midnight blue finish. The classic style would look beautiful for years to come.  I was in love! Then I was given the quote.  I smiled at the nice man who was helping me and completely pretended to give the quote a thorough review.  You know, to be polite for completely wasting his time.  I thanked him for his help followed with a lie about talking it over with my husband.  So…..Commence, Plan B!

After seeing beautiful dresser-to-vanity remodels on Pinterest, I began looking for an antique dresser to revamp.   This beauty below was found at an antique market less than an hour from where we live. It needed work, but it was exactly what I was looking for. The top counter had a subtle curve to it and the side panels had cute detail.  Sold!

I began by removing the design embellishments from the bottom doors.  Some of the thin parts on them had started to crack and I thought it looked good without them.  The drawers were removed and given a good cleaning using good ole’ lemon oil.  I removed all the hardware and my husband sanded the entire top counter with the orbital sander. I used a sanding block to sand some of the smaller spots that needed it.

The bottom part of the vanity and the drawer faces were painted with Night View by Behr. This color was very close to the midnight blue color I had fallen in love with on the custom cabinets.  I stained the counter top with Minwax Red Mahogany. After the stain dried overnight, I put 4 coats of polyurethane on the counter.  Since this is being used in our bathroom, the probability of my kids dripping water and not cleaning it up is highly likely.

Bowl sinks do not usually catch my eye. Using a bowl sink design gave us the opportunity to keep more drawer space.  After hunting everywhere, I located a glass bowl sink that was beautiful. My husband, Marion, re-worked the drawers by carefully taking apart the top left and the large middle drawers in order to rebuild the back and side.  After mounting the sink, we attached the new hardware that I purchased at Lowe’s.  Just adding new hardware is like icing on the cake!

The price tag for this vanity is the best!  Overall, I spent less than $225 on the vanity!  After being quoted $3200 for custom cabinetry, you can’t beat that!  What is a favorite project that you have tackled?


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