What the heck is Letterboxing?!  There are very few people who have heard of it and even fewer who have actually done it.  But I can tell you that once you start, it gives you a new outlook on life!  That may be dramatic.  In all seriousness, it is some of the most fun that my family and I have had!  We have also been to places that we never would’ve visited otherwise.

Let’s break it down.  Letterboxing is an outdoor hobby.  It combines the use of art, navigational skills and puzzle solving.  Small, weather-proof boxes are hidden by letterboxers in places like parks and walking trails.  The letterboxers then distribute clues, typically online, on where to find the boxes.  These boxes contain logbooks and rubber stamps.  When you find the box, you make an impression of the letterbox’s stamp in your personal notebook. Then you leave an impression with your personal stamp in the letterbox’s visitor “logbook” as proof that you found the box.  I would compare it to a world-wide scavenger hunt!

We got started on this super-fun hobby when we lived in Washington.  There were so many letterboxes in close proximity.  I felt like I had been living a lie!  When you realize that the same trail you have hiked before has hidden letterboxes in it, it sure changes your outlook on things.  When we have plans to travel and visit somewhere new, we look online for any possible letterboxes in the area.  We have found them at the beach, on hiking trails, local parks and cemeteries.  Yes, cemeteries.  I hope that doesn’t sound too weird!

Marion made personalized stamps for Maddy and himself.  When we started this hobby Maddy was in the Hello Kitty phase of her life.  Rylan was so young that he didn’t have his own stamp.  Now that he is old enough to choose his own, I’m sure he will narrow it down to either a baseball or something to do with Star Wars.  My stamp on the other hand is vintage.  Which means it’s old.  Seriously, it may be from my early middle school years.  Like I said, vintage!

Whenever we visit somewhere new, we look up any letterboxes that may be in the area.  One of the best sites to visit is www.letterboxing.org. On this site, you can search any location and it will give you all the letterboxes in that area along with the clues on how to find them.  My family gets a kick out of getting out and enjoying the great outdoors.  It brings new life to an everyday hike or walk on the beach. If you are looking for a new adventure, I totally recommend trying your hand at letterboxing!  If you already participate in letter boxing, what is your most favorite spot you have found one?

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