Meet Megan

Hey there!  I’m Megan.  It’s great to meet you!  A little about me, right?  Thats why you clicked here, I’m sure!  I have two children, Maddy and Rylan.  They are fun-loving, sassy and sweet!  They keep my busy, which I love!

I currently work full time in a career that I fell into by accident.  After getting married, I moved across the country to Washington State where my husband at the time was stationed in the US Navy. I submitted an application simply because I was looking for a job that I could fill my time with while he  left on deployments.  I ended up loving it and never looked back!

After 10 years of living in Washington, there came a fork in the road.  Do I stay put or make the cross country trip back home?  I LOVE Washington and everything about it.  The scenery, wonderful friends, our amazing church and an overall great life.  But one thing was missing.  Family.  Since I am very close with my family, it was moving time!  “The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back.” -Wendy Wunder

My sister Jenny and I have discussed doing a blog for a long time.  For me, I want to share my life experiences with others.  The good.  The bad.  The Ugly.  And this is a fun way to do it!  I can’t thank you enough for stopping by!