Organization Please…With Sprinkles on Top!

This project is one of those that you don’t realize how much you needed it until it is done!  One of those “How was I living in such clutter and chaos?!” kind of projects!  It was obvious to me that I needed organization in the cabinet that held all my spices and baking decorations.  During the completion of this, I sadly came to the blinding realization that I am a sprinkle hoarder.  Do they have group meetings for this problem?  I may need to attend.  In my defense, have you seen how cute and festive some of the sprinkles that you can buy are?  I mean, how can you not own one of each color and size.  You never know when you may need them!

Ahem.  Back to the project.  As a wedding gift, I received one of those rotating spice racks.  Since my style has adapted to “get everything possible into the cabinets and off the counter”, I was more than ready to get rid of the spice rack.  I had been shopping for new spice jars that would fit into my cabinet and found the perfect ones at World Market.  So I no longer needed the spice rack.  I threw it in the trash.  Then, something amazing happened.  Divine intervention for sure.  I opened my spice cabinet and a large tub of sprinkles fell out onto the floor.  I was annoyed.  As I went to balance it back on top of the other jars, I realized I could put that old spice rack to great use!

I shamelessly dug it out of the trash.  I relocated all the spices.  Some I had never used and still had the seal on the top of the lid.  13 years later.  I am an avid cook….and a lover of sarcasm.  Yes, I then washed it.  Don’t worry!  I soaked all the jars in hot, soapy water to remove all the prior labels.  Once they were dry, I used a funnel and filled them with the sprinkles.  It was so easy!  Too easy.  I should’ve done it years ago!  Let’s not dwell on the past though.

The rotating rack fits perfectly into the cabinet.  The jars work great since they have the shaker tops.  It couldn’t be more perfect!  I also feel better for not wasting something that was completely usable.  I have been looking though my house for other spaces to attack now that the organization bug bit me!  What do you have laying around your house that can be re-purposed?

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