Spice It Up! Cricut Style!

Do you have a space in your house that creates stress for you each day?  A hallway closet that is always un-organized or a junk drawer that never stays de-junked?!  In my house, that space is in my kitchen.  It is my spice cabinet.  Every time I cook or bake, I think about how I could better organize the space.  After almost three years in my house, I saw a light at the end of the tunnel!

As a wedding gift, we received a rotating countertop spice rack as a gift.  I no longer like the clutter of it on my counter and the jars are so small that they really aren’t functional for the amount of cooking I do now.  Until recently, I hadn’t been unable to find spice jars that were big enough to hold more than 4 oz and were cute and functional at the same time.  That was until I was online shopping and came across the best spice jars at World Market!  They are 6 oz and have a shaker lid which was exactly what I had been searching for!  I could finally begin switching out the spices and organizing the cabinet.  I also up cycled the rotating spice rack to serve a new purpose in my kitchen!  Check it out here.

These spice jars that I found check off all the boxes on my wants list.  However to complete the look I was going for, I was left to do an important task- creating labels for them all!  This is where the Cricut comes in!  This little machine can do it all!  Seriously.  The possibilities are endless!

The first step to creating these custom labels is measuring to see how big your label needs to be.  I found the exact spot on the jars that I wanted to place the label and then measured the length and height of that spot. Once I was logged into the Cricut Designspace, I created separate text boxes for all the spices I needed.  After searching forever, I found a perfect font to use.  I adjusted each word to the size I needed.  This is easily done by dragging the sides of each text box to the desired length or height.

Another step I found helpful was the option of adjusting the letter spacing.  This means that you can adjust the spacing between each letter in the word.  By bringing the letters close together, it allows you to take advantage of another option in Designspace called “Weld”.  If you weld all the letters together, the Cricut will cut the outline of the entire word together, not just each individual letter.

Once the words had been cut, I took my scissors and cut to separate each word so it was easier to work with.  I also broke out my super pointy tweezers to help me grab the letters off of the sheet.  For me, the tweezers are the most helpful thing I have found to remove the letters and place them exactly where I need them on the jar. Voila!  This project was so quick and easy and gives a unique touch to an otherwise ordinary item.

Once all of the jars were completed, it sparked something in me!  I am looking through my house to see what else I can label!  Now that I am beginning to use the Cricut for more projects, I would love to find even more ideas to try!  What is your favorite project you have created using the Cricut?  

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