St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Traps

Have you heard of Leprechaun Traps? Somehow we came across them and thought what a great idea for the kids! If you haven’t heard of them, they are these little “traps” that kids can make out of anything like shoeboxes, tissue boxes, toilet paper rolls, Legos, etc.  The kids (or adults – we won’t discriminate because we sure are going to be making our own!) craft a little trap of whatever supplies available and decorate it all up to look enticing enough to a leprechaun in order to trap it. Now we haven’t found any evidence that anyone has ever made a trap quick enough or sneaky enough to capture a leprechaun, but it looks like a lot have tried. The kids and us are jumping on the rainbow band wagon to give it a try this year! We hear they like gold.

We gathered our materials such as an empty Kleenex box, shoe box, toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, pipe cleaners, and stickers. We spent a nice Saturday afternoon strategizing how to capture a leprechaun. The kids and us came up with a few ideas on how to trap them. Look at these boys, surveying the trap door! Hopefully it works! Rylan gives it the green light. Weston is hoping to lure the leprechaun in with free gold. We’re hoping he climbs the rainbow ladder and dives into the slippery slide which will trap him in the deep dark hole below. Look at how cute his little handwriting is!
Even though Brynley wasn’t the most helpful assistant, her’s still turned out beautifully. Jenny definitely deserves a pat on the back when no one is looking. Hopefully the little guy will be enticed by the shiny gold fluff ball and be caught gold-handed!
Rylan took a different approach and decided on the trap door method. He’s hoping to entice the little guy with gold coin. When he jumps up to grab it, he will fall down to dark abyss. But don’t worry! He didn’t want him to be uncomfortable during his imprisonment; there’s a nice cozy bed awaiting him!
 Here are some other creative ones that people have made:

If we were leprechauns, we would dive into that Cake Trap!

We really love this sweet pot of golden Rolos at the top of this Leprechaun Hat Trap!

This is a great way to use our kids’ favorite toys – Lego Staircase Trap.

Golden Wipes Trap

For all you moms that buy baby wipes in bulk, here’s a fun way to reuse those baby wipes containers!

Leprechaun Letter Printable

In case that little leprechaun can’t be caught, here’s a cute printable that can be left for your little ones! Hopefully, your trap was built good enough so that you won’t need it! Let us know if you catch one! Best of Luck! Have a golden St. Patrick’s Day!

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