We Can’t Keep Calm We’re Going To Disney!

We are on Disney countdown mode around here! What better way to show the Disney spirit than to all wear matching shirts! The men in our family are ecstatic. 

Since there is 13 of us going to Disney, we had a lot of shirts to make. We had so many cute ideas that it was hard to settle on one design. Our final plan was to make the 5 kids a Disney shirt for the plane ride and a matching shirt all 13 of us can wear for the first day at Disney. Yes, we are going to be that family! To make the shirts we used our Cricut Explore Air.  And it sure got a workout! The amazing thing about the Explore Air is that you can import any image you find online into your projects.  We love that!  

We settled on the saying “I can’t keep calm I’m going to Disney” for the kids’ plane ride shirt.  The shirts were going to require two different vinyl colors for the font.  Red and Black=very “Mickey Mouse”.  We used VViViD Iron-on Vinyl that we found on Amazon. It was really easy to work with! First, we created the template in the Cricut design space.  If you are using multiple colors of vinyl, make sure to change the color of the fonts that will print separately.  For example, we wanted to cut “Disney” out of red vinyl, but all the other text to be cut in black.  So we simply changed “Disney” to red and it knows you will need to change out your vinyl to make that cut.  This machine is nothing short of genius!We chose the fonts we wanted and laid it out exactly how we wanted it on the shirts.  Then we proceeded to start cutting.  A critical step is to make sure you choose the “Mirror Image” button.  This flips the design so that when you iron on the words, they are laying in the right direction. Our matching shirts were a plain Mickey Mouse silhouette head with the saying “Best Day Ever” on it. Because seriously, your day can’t get much better when you’re spending it at the “happiest place on Earth!” Once you have your mirror images cut, you will remove all the excess vinyl which should leave you with the image that you will be transferring to the shirt. Tweezers are the perfect tool to help take out all those little pieces.

Then comes the ironing!  Ironing is maybe one of our least favorite things to do.  Who are we kidding?!  We don’t iron.  It’s surprising that either one of us had an iron to use for this project to begin with. We found that before ironing on the actual image, you preheat the shirt fabric so the image adheres better.  This was critical when we were using a drifit material!

Once you get the fabric heated up, simply place the image where you want it located on the shirt.  Press it down firmly.  Then you have two options. Option #1.  (The smart option) Place a thin towel over the image and begin pressing the iron down over the image for 15-20 seconds. Option #2. (The way we did it… realizing too late that we made it harder than it needed to be) Ever so carefully…let’s say that again.  EVER SO CAREFULLY, flip the shirt over onto your ironing board.  Then you will press the iron onto the back of the shirt to transfer the image and hope the image didn’t shift when flipping.  Live and learn, right?!

Once you have ironed and let the shirt cool off a bit, you may begin peeling off the transfer paper.  If you notice that some of the vinyl isn’t adhered to the shirt completely, simply iron it a little longer.  Last but not least, stand back and gander at your beautiful DIY custom shirt!  Since we had so much fun doing them, we added a unique Disney character to each child’s shirt sleeve.  Rylan loves anything to do with Star Wars, so it was only natural that he get Darth Vader!This project was easy to do and since each shirt was made to order, everyone felt involved.  We cannot wait to show you pictures of our group modeling them!  We have a feeling it will be the BEST DAY EVER!

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2 thoughts on “We Can’t Keep Calm We’re Going To Disney!

  1. I enjoy crafting that has been a hobby of mine since three four years ago. I’ve only understand that I have a gift so now it’s not just a hobby it’s something that I would love to make out of a business. I want to start doing t-shirts shoes hats in many other things. I’m just trying to find out the first steps of buying a cricket Andora press machine so if you can help me do that I would love that

    1. Glad you share in our love of crafting! We don’t own a Cricut EasyPress Machine, but it looks like it would be beneficial if you are making T-shirts, hats, etc. on a regular basis. And looks easy enough that we may even be able to figure out how to use it! 🙂 Good luck on your new adventure!

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