Wine Slushies

Does anyone else have the winter blues? We are day dreaming about the warm sun, green grass and wine. Not just any wine….wine slushes!

We are not big winos. Side note: did you know that in the dictionary the term wino refers to someone that drinks excessive amounts of cheap wine, especially one who is homeless. Yeah, neither did we, but when given the chance to sit back, relax and drink a wine slushy, we seize that moment. This past summer we ventured out to an awesome winery called Two EE’s.

As stated, we are not accustomed to visiting wineries very often. We basically walked in with money and the shirts on our backs. Apparently, many people come prepared with coolers and bags of food, ready for the long haul. We sampled a couple glasses of wine and then each ordered a wine slushy. Two EE’s has a beautiful outdoor pergola which we spent a few hours enjoying.

On another visit, we took our families to enjoy dinner, music and the amazing atmosphere.  We brought in our own food, but they had food trucks to grab a bite to eat and live music to enjoy.

The food was so good, Weston decided to wear it home!!

What are you daydreaming about on these cold winter days?

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